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Funding policy

Carrying out active operations in the credit and financial market of Russia, given the condition of the legal system, is associated with high risks. Taking this fact into consideration, the Bank, keeping in mind its profit, focuses on safeguarding clients’ funds and absolute fulfillment of its obligations to the clients.

The Bank traditionally follows the policy of reasonable conservatism in the field of loan services. The basis of the Bank's current practices is a thorough knowledge of the financial status of the borrower and their credit history, understanding its challenges, interests, goals and strategies of its economic activity, the ratio of objective and subjective risk assessment.

Platina Bank carries out credit activities in rubles and foreign currencies, with possible granting of credits in the Bank’s bills of exchange (at concessional interest rates). The Bank practices the following modes of credit financing:

  • financing of foreign trade operations, particularly related to the delivery to Russia of a number of food commodities.

    When carrying out credit financing, the bank has full control over the Client’s trading operation, from buying a foreign currency at the exchange and issuing a letter of credit till the arrival of commodities into the territory of the Russian Federation and, in some cases, until their sale. In this case, credit financing is performed only against the exchange goods, to which the Bank has all rights until the moment of full credit repayment. When carrying out a series of trade financing transactions, the Bank ensures the purchase of necessary clearing currencies, as well as further work on formalization and execution of letters of credit in these currencies. In 2004, the Bank placed second in Russia in terms of transactions with clearing Indian rupees - code C45, and in 2005 it became the largest operator on the code C65, which resulted in financing commodity imports from India carried out for repayment of the national debt;

  • financing against the cession of the right of demand of the Bank’s clients towards the largest Russian companies with high market capitalization and international rankings.

    The said method of collateral was first used by the Bank with relation to its customers-dealers of the largest cellular communication operators - Mobile TeleSystems OJSC ("MTS") and Vimpel Communications OJSC ("Beeline"). The need for financing this group of clients was caused by the rapid growth of payments for mobile communication, effected by dealers through Platina Bank using the system CyberPlat. The growth of payments leads to the formation of the dealer's “cash gap” and raises the need for credit resources. At the same time, there is a debt of the Operator to the Dealer for the contracts that were sold by the latter. Platina Bank offered to use this debt as an additional collateral on credits issued to dealers, developed a legal base and was the first to use the specified option in practice;

  • financing against statistical turnover

    (in this case, the objects of financing are mainly represented by the businesses which are connected with urban infrastructure, have extensive networks and steady credit turnovers, for example, connected with such industries as energy industry and telecommunications);

  • financing against the currency on correspondent accounts and in the cash department of the Bank, publicly traded securities, controlling block of shares, and bills of exchange belonging to clients and the Platina Bank;
  • financing against gold and silver bullions, which are:

    • in the vault of the Bank;
    • on the Bank’s correspondent metals accounts abroad;
    • at the refineries or in the National Centre of Special Communication of the Russian Federation;
    • on the way abroad with the commission provision of the Bank;
  • mortgages, including loans to individuals for residential and dacha (country house) construction

The Bank continues to develop financial leasing, as one of its lines of activities, being a co-founder of specialized leasing companies registered in Moscow and Moscow region. Currently, leasing companies are successfully implementing a number of deals with major road-building organizations, purchasing for them the required road-building machinery of both domestic and foreign production. Leasing associated with purchase of foreign-made agricultural equipment develops rapidly as well.

In conditions of known risks, a significant part of resources is placed on the correspondent accounts in the first-class western banks because the limiting factor in financing is currently not the shortage of resources but the lack of secure objects of investments. The size of the balance of ultra-liquid funds usually comprises at least half of the Bank’s liabilities.

The Bank intends to further adhere to the policy chosen for active operations and offers its clients a range of high level services in the field of credit financing, focusing on the individual approach and maximum possible satisfaction of the each Client’s needs.