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Working hours of Platina Commercial Bank's cash office change from August 12
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Customer service

As it was already stated, Platina Bank was initially established as a bank for personal servicing especially large customers. The quality and convenience of banking services have always been of foremost importance while the customer service structures have been modernized. Currently, many customers have an opportunity to make sure that Platina Bank is one of Moscow’s best banks in terms of cash management services.

Phone: (495) 967-05-67

Platina Bank serves its customers, adhering to the highest standards of quality:


  • The Bank operates from 8AM till 6PM and, if necessary, till later to ensure that customer transfers are included when processing the last bulk of payments.
  • Statements of accounts in Russian roubles and U.S. dollars are issued from 8.30 am.
  • Current-day payment orders are accepted until 5PM. If arranged with the customer, payments in roubles can be accepted until 7.30PM, and in U.S. dollars – until 10PM.
  • The Bank guarantees the receipt of funds in the region, which is a member of the interregional electronic payment system, not later than on the next day.
  • The Bank operatively provides its customers with information about payments received with discrepancies in their details.
  • The Bank installs the Bank-Client system to its customers for a more convenient and efficient way of communication. It gives the possibility for quick and confidential exchange of necessary information, in particular, send money orders, receive account statements, as well as send any text messages, instructions, etc. At customer's request, this system can be linked to the customer’s accounting software.
  • When using the Client-Bank system, based on the CyberPlat platform and implemented in the Internet environment, payments between Platina Bank’s customers can be processed within less than one second.
  • Since 1994, Platina Bank has been a SWIFT member which allows fast, reliable and confidential performance of settlements both in foreign currency and in roubles, as well as sharing information with the key members of banking community in Russia and abroad.
  • Since December 9th 2004, the Bank has been a member of the compulsory deposit insurance system. The depositors are not required to conclude any agreements to insure their deposits – the insurance is carried out in pursuance of the Federal Law No. 177-FZ of December 23, 2003 “On Individuals’ Insurance Contributions in Russian Banks”
  • The Bank facilitates payments for "long" chains of payments through the introduction of bill circulation of its obligations.


The Bank has depositories equipped in accordance with the requirements of the Bank of Russia, and its own fleet of armored cars, a highly qualified staff of collectors and guards provided with weapons, armor, and other special means and tools of personal communication that allows us to offer our customers the following services:

  • collection of customers’ cash to the Bank;
  • cash delivery from the Bank at the place and time specified by the customer;
  • crediting of collected funds to the account on the same day;
  • delivery of wages with the selection of the required denomination of banknotes;
  • escort of the customer’s cashiers and forwarders using special transport.

Foreign currency

  • The Bank makes purchases and sales of foreign currency quickly and efficiently as at its own expense, so at MICEX.
  • The Bank's specialists provide customers with comprehensive assistance in preparation of foreign trade contracts consistent with foreign exchange laws.
  • The Bank provides services on clearing payments in Indian rupees, codes C45 and C65.
  • The Bank carries out transactions on exchanging a wide range of foreign currencies.

Private banking

  • The Bank has implemented the concept of personal customer management. Accordingly, each customer has their own personal manager, who is responsible for the efficient completion of all of the customer’s operations and makes sure that due attention is given to each customer's question by the Bank’s relevant services. When conducting the most complicated and complex operations, personal managers provide customers with a comprehensive analysis of their projects; provide expert consulting, drawing as many industry experts as necessary, monitor the implementation of specific financial transactions.
  • The Bank ensures issuing of plastic cards within 15 minutes after the request, as well as an immediate increase of overdraft on the card upon a call from the customer, which is especially important when customers travel abroad.
  • The Bank provides its customers with trust management of their property and funds, providing an optimal combination of profitability and risk.
  • The Bank provides customers with a service on deposit of funds without the Bank’s right to use them and with the possibility of their control by the customer.

Settlements via the Internet

  • The Bank performs settlements as with individuals, so with entities offering Internet transactions, including those made in the real time mode.
  • Bank customers have an opportunity to make different types of payments with the use of electronic digital signature, and not only via personal computers, but also via Pocket PCs and smartphones.

Credit cards and checks

  • The Bank issues international plastic cards VISA Platinum / Gold / Business / Classic / Electron Plus / Virtuon. Cards are issued to both individual clients and employees of the companies serviced by the Bank. Payroll programs are being implemented.
  • Considering the needs of corporate clients, programs for combined the cards (Co-brand) are being developed. Combined the cards are issued under the trademark of the international payment system VISA. These programs allow organizations to introduce new services, significantly increase the number of the regular consumers as well as their loyalty.
  • The Bank maintains American Express cards.
  • The Bank takes the clients’ business and traveler's checks, providing minimum time for depositing of funds.

Advisory support

  • In addition to banking services, the client can also quickly get expert advice from the Bank’s lawyers on any financial, monetary, tax and other issues.

At the beginning of 2014, among Platina Bank's customers there were the following companies and organizations:

  • “VimpelCom” Group, brand “Beeline”
  • "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC
  • “MegaFon” Group
  • Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
  • "Svyaznoy" communications store network
  • "Euroset" communications store network
  • "Mobile TeleSystems" trade network
  • "Eldorado" trade network
  • Enterprises of the RF CCI
  • “Pronto-Moscow” LLC, brand “Iz ruk v ruki”
  • “Mayskiy chay” Group
  • “Geopolis” insurance company

Broad diversification of customers from various sectors of economy allows the Bank to provide the necessary stability of liabilities and minimize the risks of investments.