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Platina Bank was awarded the prestigious national prize "Agricultural Elite of Russia" named after Peter Stolipin

Large investments in agroindustrial complex of Moscow Region brought to the well-known Moscow bank the victory in the nomination "For AIC enterprises financial invigoration private initiative and long-term investments in agriculture"

On April 17th the second grand ceremony of presentation with the national prize "Agricultural Elite of Russia" named after Peter Stolipin took place in Central Writers' House. Platina CB was declared the winner in the nomination "For AIC enterprises financial invigoration private initiative and long-term investments in agriculture" and its President A.Yu. Gribov accepted the Diploma and the Certificate.

Today Platina CB is the major shareholder of several agricultural enterprises of Moscow Region engaged in milk cattle breeding and united into Rodnoye Pole Agricultural Holding. Total of milk yield of the Holding amounts, depending on season, to 30-35 tons of milk a day. Total cattle head exceeds 4,500 including young cattle.

On appearance of the investor in the person of Platina CB each of Moscow Region enterprises comprising the agricultural holding "Rodnoye Pole" was in serious crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy.

Thorough examination of the situation in agricultural complex of Moscow Region by specialists form the Holding gave opportunity to work out effective invigoration strategy and the set of effective actions aimed at achievement of regular cost-effective performance of the enterprises. The complex of antirecessionary actions includes:

  • Repayment of wage arrearages
  • Repayment of liabilities to power suppliers and other providers
  • Repayment of liabilities to budgets of different levels and off-budget funds
  • Labour and production discipline improvement
  • Machinery, equipment, production facilities repair programs implementation
  • Investments in modern high-performance production equipment purchase, especially for agricultural products processing
  • Establishment of effective products distribution system focused on further development

Socially-oriented development strategy as well as absence of debt burdens provided for different attitude of farm workers to management and labour discipline. All this has resulted in timely and successful forage stocking. Yields in the farms has grown by 30-50%. Cowsheds and depots repairs have been performed along with implementation of several important projects.

  • in Kovrigino Farm LLC mixed feed plant producing 20 tons of mixed feed a day has been launched, which not only covers the Holding farms' needs in quality forage bur also gives opportunity to sell it to some other farms of the region.
  • the largest seed cleaning complex in Moscow Region that stayed idle for 10 years has been actually revived from the ashes.
  • in Fedukovo Farm CJSC the diary producing 10 tons a day of pasteurized package milk under the trademark "Rodnoye Pole" in soft and solid (Pure-Pak) package has been launched.

Today construction of fine processing plants for milk and sour milk products manufacturing under the trademark "Rodnoye Pole" is performed with direct participation of Agricultural Holding in Mozhaisk, Istra, Naro-Fominsk Districts of Moscow Region

About the National Prize "Agricultural Elite of Russia" Named after Peter Stolipin

The Prize (www.stolypin-premium.ru) was established in 2002 by All-Russian Social Movement "Agricultural Russia" and All-Russian Social Association "Russian Agrarian Movement - RAM". Competitors to the Prize are successful entrepreneurs working effectively in agricultural industry, social activists, culture and education workers, journalists - all people whose activities add to the establishment of agrarian Russia's prestige.

The first winners of the Prize are Orel Region Governor Ye.S. Stroyev, Head of the Republic of Mordovia N.I. Merkushkin, National Artist of the USSR Evgeniy Matveyev, many other famous and prominent figures.

In the ceremony of the National Prize presentation Government Members and Federal Assembly Members take part as well as Heads of Regions and prominent scientists.