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Platina Bank offers rental of safe deposit boxes in the Fedukovo branch
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Working hours of the Platina Commercial Bank during the Russia’s Independence Day
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CB Platina Bank announces large-scale investments in the agricultural holding company Rodnoe Pole

Four agricultural enterprises of the agricultural holding company Rodnoe Pole complete construction of milk processing factories to pasteurize and pack milk and other dairy products.

These new milk processing factories will directly supply their end consumers with about 50 tons of dairy products (including kefir, sour cream, milk cream, and cottage cheese) daily; the dairy products will be delivered under the same brand, Rodnoe Pole, in addition to the pasteurized and sterilized milk produced at present. The agricultural holding company places high emphasis on cattle breading in the agricultural enterprises of the Moscow Region. Most farms of the holding company replace their cow milking equipment with new one; 12 milk coolers enabling production of high quality milk with better taste properties have already been acquired. Farm facilities are being reconstructed; modern feed technologies are being introduced, including the technology of forage preparation with mixers and mills.

New high powered imported machines have been acquired: these include the John Deere tractors equipped with the Kvernerland reversible ploughs, the modern Jaguar forage harvesters, the John Deere grain harvesters, modern pre-planting cultivators, combine forage harvesters consisting of crushing stalks (mowers combined with means for crushing), and the swathmakers and pickup choppers from the leading world producers.

In the current year, the farm units of the Rodnoe Pole agricultural holding company are pioneering the use of a new European technology to store forage in the polyethylene hoses; the technology allow improving the quality of forage very much and drastically reduces losses of forage when storing.

The agricultural holding’s company fleet of trucks, tractors and agricultural machines has been considerably renewed. Every farm unit has purchased new milk-tank trucks and trucks for transportation of other agricultural products; the trucks are manufactured by famous Russian producers (KAMAZ, ZIL, GAZ, UAZ, etc.) and acquired in the total amount of more than 30 units. The storehouses for vegetables are also ready to be filled with the production.

The Tsvetkovsky commercial farm unit (CJSC) in the Mozhaysk District is the most vivid example to demonstrate a real revival of farming. A year ago the farm unit was in the state of dilapidation – the land was abandoned, not a single head of cattle was left, with less than 10 employees. This year, the farm unit has cultivated more than 2000 hectares of land, restored the dairy farm which is ready to maintain 400 heads of cattle, and is preparing to start up a milk processing factory producing and packing up to 7 tons of milk per shift. All of the required equipment has been purchased, the required fodders are successfully stored, the sawing plant is running and the team of construction workers is restoring the farm premises.

The agricultural holding company does not overlook the social policy. In the township of Fedyukovo, located in the Podolsk District, a project of full-scale renovation of the sewage disposal plant, costing more than 30 million rubles, is under implementation. The kindergartens are being refurbished. The local schools are provided with computers and sportive equipment ex gratis.