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Platina Bank offers rental of safe deposit boxes in the Fedukovo branch
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Rental of individual safe deposit boxes

Platina bank offers low-cost individual safe deposit boxes for storing important documents and various valuables.

Safe deposit box is a sure way to protect your business and sensitive documents from incidents that may occur in your household, theft, fire, flood, and other emergencies.

Apart from documents you can use individual safe deposit boxes to store electronic data storage devices, cash, jewellery, precious metals, among many other things. *

You can make use of this service and sign a safe deposit box rental agreement in either Platina’s central office or its branch in Fedukovo (Moscow Oblast, Podolsk district) by bringing along your passport or other identification document.

Advantages of renting Patina’s individual safe deposit boxes


  • Choose rental duration from 1 to 365 calendar days (duration may be extended when necessary);

  • choose a safe deposit box size to suit your needs;

  • draw up a power of attorney for a client’s representative;

  • grant access to third parties jointly with a safe deposit box renter or its authorized representative.


  • The bank takes responsibility for safety and integrity of an individual sade deposit box and guarantees full confidentiality to the clients;

  • vaults are equipped with a reliable bank equipment, including state-of-the-art security systems, fire alarms and âfire-extinguishing appliances that ensure integrity of the contents of the safe deposit boxes;

  • two-key principle (bank’s and customer’s numbered keys); no one but the customer and his authorized representative has access to the safe deposit box.


  • Absolute confidentiality in relation to the contents of the rented safe deposit box; no one but the client knows about the contents of the deposit box;

  • items for storage are placed to and removed from the safe deposit box by the customer without supervision of the bank employees;

  • the key to the rented individual safe deposit box is kept by the client.

Additional service

Our bank provides its safe deposit box customers with an additional service.

  • Banknote authenticity verification by the bank employees;

  • Provision for use of special-purpose bank facilities.

* Limitations:

It is forbidden to store in the safe deposit boxes weapon and ammunition, explosives and flammables, drugs, poison and toxic chemicals, perishables and reeking products, contaminants, radioactive and other materials that can damage bank property or contents of the safe deposit boxes, as well as property withdrawn from civil circulation under Russian legislation.