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One of the key components of bank’s financial stability is successful experience in large-scale investment projects. Capital investments have been a secure and stable income source for many years.

Investments in Office Building

“Platina Bank” from its very foundation considered investments in real estate to be the most profitable and safe line of investment activity. The distinctive mark of Bank’s policy in this field is the investment project on building banking and business A-class center on Ovchinnikovskaya embankment.

Project was completed in spring 2004. The building was sold to a large investment holding – Perm Financial-Industrial Group. The initial objective of this project for the holding Commercial Bank Platina was to create a high-quality, high-yield and highly liquid asset which, as a result, was successfully sold. Project’s profitability exceeded 1000%.

Completion of the project made great resonance in the business community and Russian mass media. A respectable business newspaper “Vedomosti” (¹56 dd. April 02, 2004) evaluates this transaction as one of the largest and ‘iconic’. According to a survey conducted by the weekly business magazine “Firm Secret”, the Ovchinnikovskaya embankment project was given the first place in the category “The most significant purchase-sale transaction of business premises in 2004”.

Investments in the agricultural sector

Currently, the main focus of the bank's investment policy is made on establishing an agricultural holding.

Agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural products in the Moscow Region.

The production base in Moscow Region consists of:

  • 15 thousand hectares of land;
  • more than 500 units of agricultural machinery;
  • 4.5 thousand head of cattle;
  • Feed factory in Kovrigino village;
  • the largest seeds cleaning complex in Moscow Region;
  • dairy plants in Podolsk, Mozhaisk, Narofominsk districts of Moscow Region;
  • own sales network with advanced transportation facilities.

The agricultural holding produces and sells more than 40 tons of milk and dairy products per day, as well as fresh meat and meat products, fodder, hay and silage, and a number of vegetable crops. It also provides services in cleaning and separation of seeds of cereals and fodder crops.

Each of the farms near Moscow included in the agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole faced serious crisis and was almost a bankrupt when the strategic investor represented by holding Commercial Bank Platina took control.

Careful examination of the situation in agrocomplex by the holding’s specialists allowed to develop an effective set of steps to bring businesses to the normal level of profit. This set of anti-crisis measures includes:

  • Repayment of debts on wages
  • Repayment of debts to energy and other suppliers
  • Repayment of debts to the budgets of different levels and extra-budgetary funds
  • Strengthening of labor and production discipline
  • Completion of machinery, equipment and production facilities repair programs
  • Investment in the acquisition of modern equipment for production and, in particular, for the processing of agricultural products
  • Creation of an effective and focused on development sales network

During 2003-2006 the agricultural holding made significant investments in the construction of places of agricultural products processing. The funds spent on purchasing agricultural equipment exceed 200 million roubles.

The following results have been achieved to date:

  • The breeding structure of the dairy herd has been improved. A large part of the herd today is high-breed black-and-white cows that are 60% Holstein, and the average level of yield of which is 7,000 liters per year.
  • A program on modernization of agricultural equipment is being implemented through the procurement of modern and high-performance machines - grain and forage harvester “John Deere” and “Jaguar”, powerful tractor systems and plows “Kvernerland”, planters “Rapid” and other smoothening equipment from manufacturers worldwide.
  • For the first time, the holding farms located in Moscow Region have been conserving fodder using a new European technology – in plastic sleeves – for which special AG BAG machines were purchased. This technology has rapidly improved the quality of harvested forages and negated their losses during storage.
  • A dairy plant with a total capacity of deep processing of up to 16 tons of milk a day has been built near “Kamenskoe” village (“Voshod” farm). The plant produces milk of different fat content in hard and soft packaging, cream, sour cream, kefir (yogurt), and cottage cheese.
  • There have been built dairy plants producing milk of different fat content in hard and soft packaging:
    • a capacity of 40 tons per day in Fedyukovo village, Podolskiy district;
    • a capacity of 10 tons per day
      • in Prechistoe village, Istrinksiy district
      • in Tsvetovskiy village, Mozhayskiy district
      • in Vedenka village, Hlevenksiy district, Lipetsk region.
  • A feed factory which not only provides for the agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole but also produces fodder for sale has been modernized in the village Kovrigino.
  • The largest in Moscow region seed cleaning complex, which was out of operation in recent years, has been restored.
  • A license for seed growing activities has been obtained.
  • A sales network has been created – Trading house Rodnoe Pole with its own transport base.

The Bank's efforts in developing the production base of the holding are not unnoticed.

For example, in 2004 Bank “Platina” was awarded national prize of Peter Stolypin “The Agrarian Elite of Russia” in the nomination “For private initiative in financial recovery of enterprises of agro-industrial complex and long-term investments in agriculture”.

Autumn 2004, packaged milk under the brand name Rodnoe Pole received high praise on the 6th Russian agro-industrial exhibition “Golden Autumn” and was noted with a silver medal of All-Russian exhibition center and a diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

During the anniversary exhibition “75 years of the Moscow Region”, which was held in October 2004 in Crocus-Expo, agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole was awarded a diploma of Moscow Region governor Boris Gromov.

Packaged milk, produced in farms of the agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole, received the highest rating – 1st Degree Diploma of the international forum “Dairy industry 2005”, held in February 2005 in the culture and business centre “Gostinny Dvor”.

At the exhibition “Golden Autumn 2005” agroholding Rodnoe Pole already received three awards: gold medal for KEFIR (3.2% fat content) and bronze medals for cottage cheese (9%) and pasteurized milk.

Kefir Rodnoe Pole was awarded the silver medal of the International Forum “Dairy Industry – 2006”.

During the "Golden Autumn 2006" exhibition agricultural holding products were awarded three medals: gold - for drinking pasteurized milk with 3.5% fat content, silver - for the pasteurized cream with 10% fat and bronze – for classic sour cream with 25% fat.

In February 2007, by the results of international forum “Dairy industry – 2007”, agroholding Rodnoe Pole received a gold medal and a 1st Degree Diploma for the 10% fat drinking cream.

In October 2008 during the agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn 2008" the agricultural holding Rodnoe Pole was awarded three gold medals at once for product quality. Among the best products were drinking milk “Rossiyskoe” (3.2% fat), drinking pasteurized cream with 10% fat and the 25% fat sour cream.

Agroholding Rodnoe Pole products’ high quality was appreciated and rated on the second tasting contest “Best product of Moscow Region 2008”. Drinking pasteurized milk “Rossiyskoe” with 3.2% fat and the 25% fat sour cream were awarded gold medals and diplomas. A silver medal and a diploma were awarded to classic kefir with 3.2% fat.

These and other achievements demonstrate the seriousness and thoroughness of the Bank’s and agroholding’s approach towards the restoration of the lost potential of the domestic agricultural complex. Nowadays, the holding is successfully expanding its production base by investing into other regions of Russia.

Another line of Bank’s investment activities are projects related to the development of education and sport. In particular, a project has been started to build a university and the campus near Moscow. There are plans to invest in education and training facilities of junior sports school “Olympic”, which students have won more than 40 times in different championships, including World and European Championships.