PLATINA CB LLC informs you about closing some of its correspondent accounts
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Open an account in the Platina Bank in 5 minutes
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Platina Bank offers rental of safe deposit boxes in the Fedukovo branch
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Working hours of the Platina Commercial Bank during the Russia’s Independence Day
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Working hours of Platina Commercial Bank's cash office change from August 12
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Tariffs for maintaining bank accounts in US dollars

Approved on September 15, 2010
Came into effect on October 01, 2010

1 Opening of a bank account in US dollars - a fee is not charged
2 Trade finance (letters of credit) - by agreement of the parties
3 Opening and maintenance of the transaction passport - 0.15 % of the amount
4 Conversion - 0.5 % of the amount
5 Intrabank transfers - a fee is not charged
6 Payments in US dollars - 0.3 % of the amount but not less than USD 50 and not more than USD 320
7 Interest rates for balances on USD accounts - not accrued
8 Encashment of foreign currency cheques - by agreement of the parties
9 Payment of cash funds for travel expenses - 1 % of the amount
10 Acceptance of unused travel funds - a fee is not charged
11 Collection - under an additional agreement
12 Acceptance of cash funds to the cashier of the bank - 0.3 % of the amount
13 Maintenance of a Bank account in US dollars -  USD 50 per month
14 Installation of the Bank-Client system - USD 100 non-recurrent
15 Visit of a specialist to maintain the Bank-Client system - USD 50 per visit

The commission fee is charged in the currency of the account or in rubles at the rate of the Bank of Russia as of the day of payment.

The tariffs can be unilaterally revised by the Bank upon the change of conditions of the corresponding segment of the market or the service conditions of the Bank within the Bank of Russia.