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Platina Bank offers rental of safe deposit boxes in the Fedukovo branch
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Working hours of the Platina Commercial Bank during the Russia’s Independence Day
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Working hours of Platina Commercial Bank's cash office change from August 12
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Platina Commercial Bank: 20 years of stability and innovations

Platina Commercial Bank celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its registration with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

For a Russian commercial bank twenty years is a long term. Not all but just a few financial institutions created in the beginning of the 1990s have lived to see the present day. Only the stable credit organizations have proved to be durable because of their ability to manage risks as well as precisely foresee swift-flowing changes of the Russian financial market and forestall them.

Platina Commercial Bank is one of these successful and stable Russian banks. Right in the beginning period of its operation the Bank had developed an innovative and entirely new for the Russian market approach to work, formed a team of highly qualified professionals and laid down the solid foundation for responsible business principals.

Since its first days the Bank has been notable for its stability and reliability and that is what attracts very serious clients from large companies and government organizations. It was not for nothing that the Bank was one of the first Moscow financial institutions accepted into the deposit insurance system.

The Bank has also been noted for its striving for dynamic and innovative development. It constantly develops and implements new products many of which have become widespread.

Platina Commercial Bank is widely known as a center of innovations in the field of advanced electronic technology. As part of the Bank's comprehensive development strategy the multibank integrated payment system CyberPlat® was created. The system is the largest in Russia by number of payment acceptance outlets and its payment acceptance network currently exceeds 760,000 outlets.

Along with the development of high-tech projects Platina Commercial Bank is active in the investment market delivering projects in the field of transport, communications and construction.

The Bank's growth strategy based on high-tech products and services is focused on serving the interests of our customers and expanding the range of quality services. Cutting-edge solutions, reasonable conservatism when investing funds and support of sound liquidity - those are our priorities when solving current tasks and the key to the success of the Bank», says Andrey Gribov, Chairman of the Board of Platina Commercial Bank.